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Light brown half-clamp collar made of PVC / TPU tape. The collar tightens when the dog pulls or tries to get out of it by gently reducing the circumference to the point set on the collar.

How to choose the right collar size?
A correctly selected half-clamp collar should be loose enough to pass over the dog’s head when it is put on it. After tightening, there should be enough slack to be able to easily put two fingers under it. Please measure your dog’s head and neck correctly and choose the correct measurement from the options available. If you have any other measurements, you can leave a note on the checkout page or write to us directly. Based on the measurements you have provided, we add an extra few centimeters to the size of the skull so that the collar fits your dog’s head ♥

Advantages of products made of waterproof tape:
– 16 mm wide tape can bear a load of 180 kg
– 19 mm wide tape withstands a load of 210 kg
– 25 mm wide tape withstands a load of 250 kg
– does not stiffen in frost and does not crack when left in the sun,
– no knots are formed on it.
– thanks to its coating, it does not absorb water,
– it does not mold and bacteria do not multiply on it.
– the tape does not pull and thus does not tangle even the longest hair of the dog.

Can be washed at 40ºC

Handmade in Poland

Obwód szyi
Obwód głowy

16 mm, 20 mm, 25 mm

Fitting color


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