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The dog training leash is made of navy blue PVC / TPU waterproof tape. It is a lighter color than our red and slightly orange. It is 100% water and bacteria resistant and does not stretch. One end of the line has a snap hook for attaching to the dog’s collar or harness. On the second, depending on the choice, there is a non-adjustable grip or a detachable handle.

Training line ending
• Standard ending, a fixed element with the possibility of attaching a ring to a bag case. If you use the rope for standard walks (you do not throw it on the ground), choose the option with a classic handle.
• Detachable handle – the handle can be detached before throwing it on the ground, so you can comfortably return from a walk with a clean handle. This version of the line, after unfastening the handle, ends with a small ring, which minimizes the risk of catching on something while the dog runs, unlike the classic handle. You can also attach the ring to attach the case, it will then be attached to the detachable handle. For larger dogs, you can use the handle as a short leash.

The widths of the waterproof tapes to choose:
12 mm wide – suitable for small breeds
16 mm wide – suitable for medium breeds
20 mm wide – suitable for large breeds

Advantages of products made of waterproof tape:
– 16 mm wide tape can bear a load of 180 kg
– 19 mm wide tape withstands a load of 210 kg
– 25 mm wide tape withstands a load of 250 kg
– does not stiffen in frost and does not crack when left in the sun,
– no knots are formed on it.
– thanks to its coating, it does not absorb water,
– it does not mold and bacteria do not multiply on it.
– the tape does not pull and thus does not tangle even the longest hair of the dog.

Can be washed at 40ºC

Handmade in Poland


10 m, 15 m, 20 m, 5 m, 8 m


12 mm, 16 mm, 20 mm


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